Fixing our City is going to take a large commitment from us all. We are going to need to work hard to coordinate and fully utilize all of the amazing talent that Albany has to offer.

We understand that not everyone has the ability to volunteer their time, and that for many it is even harder to contribute financially.

However, campaigns require a great deal of resources to run effectively. For those of you who are able to make a donation, please consider doing so by mailing a check to*:

PO Box 10326 ~ Albany, NY 12207

Payable to: Friends of Kathy Sheehan

*Contributions to political campaigns are not tax deductible. Please include your full name, home address, employer and occupation to help us remain in compliance with New York State Election Laws regarding Campaign Finance Disclosures. The maximum individual contribution for a City-wide race in Albany is $1,450 for the Primary Election.

Contribute online here